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Exciting Galveston shark fishing ventures are available!

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Fish the Galveston Jetties, Pelican Island, or other fantastic areas around the Galveston Bay complex or other hotspots for $525 for 1/2 day of early morning fishing from 6:30 am to 10:30 am ($100 for each additional hour) for 1 to 3 people. For $75 each you can add a 4th, 5th or 6th person to your fishing group. A deposit of $200 is required to book your trip.


In addition to the morning trips mentioned above, we also have inshore afternoon trips from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.


Interested in night fishing in Galveston? Capt. Jerry offers guided fishing after dark for those too busy during their daytime. Night fishing is for 4 hours for 4 people (add 5th and 6th person for $50 each).


Enjoy an 8 hour Texas Gulf offshore fishing trip for $1,200 for 4 people (add 5th and 6th person for $50 each).


Shark Fishing in Galveston waters for 4 hours $700 for up to 4 people!

Galveston Harbor Tours and Dolphin Watching

Non-fishing Harbor Cruise and Dolphin Watching for 2 hours minimum for $100 per hour for up to 6 people.

For booking your next guided fishing trip in Galveston
call Capt. Jerry at 713-259-9974

Boat Location: 715 North Holiday Drive, Galveston TX 77550

Galveston Yacht Basin Fishing Guide

We are located at C Dock, Slip 103 at Galveston Yacht Basin

Recent Review

My family had a blast on our jetty fishing trip! Captain Jerry has a great heart and quick wit and was a pleasure spending a few hours with on the boat. We caught plenty of fish in all the species we were hoping for. The Captain’s expertise and friendly connections made sure we found the ‘hot spots’ to keep on catching!
The highlight of our trip was hooking into a large Jack Crevalle and orchestrating a team effort to land it after a good fight. We also enjoyed catching plenty of speckled trout, sheepshead, redfish, and catfish. As catch and release fishermen, we appreciated the extra care spent in making sure all our catches were handled correctly and released quickly in order to not disrupt their health.
A unique part of this charter was the included “first mate”, who was fantastic at helping us keep our lines in the water with fresh live bait, and netting our catches. The boat itself is very comfortable and large, with shade to retreat to if needed and a proper toilet, which was a huge selling point for my mother.
Our experience with this charter was amazing, and we would absolutely book them time and time again if we find ourselves back on the island. Thanks y’all for the memories!
Erin McG
(Photos below)

See Our Fishing Trip Reports:

Thereeee Baaaaaaccckk.

All cleaned up and ready to go. Hopefully the fish 🐟 are ready also..

The smile you give when you know you're getting released. Only on Stray Cat Charters. 🐱🐾🐾

First time fishing ever and they did a great job on the Stray Cat 🐱🐾🐾

The big redfish are hard to hold onto but easy to release on the Stray Cat.

It's always catch and release day on the Stray Cat.

Send me in I'll find that Redfish.

Holdem like a baby .slot reds are here

Another happy redfish released on the Stray Cat.

You can always find at least one at my secret spot.

Star the service puppy having fun on the Stray Cat.

JJ Was acting like a kid again on the Stray Cat.

Cannon just loves fishing on the Stray Cat.

Bayou Bait and Tackle Shrimp catching machine.The best place for all your bait needs.

Happy faces on the Stray Cat

Father and Son fishing on the Stray Cat it dont get any better 🐱🐾🐾

Beautiful catch and release Redfish

Nice speckled trout on the Stray Cat

Bridget and Frank caught some nice redfish on the Stray Cat and safety released. 🐱🐾🐾

Bottom painted cleaned and waxed .Pretty handsome cat for 45 years old. 🐱🐾🐾

Stray Cat is getting new bottom paint to sneak up more fishing this year. 🐱🐾🐾

All the pretty girls like the Stray Cat 🐱🐾🐾

Beautiful catch and release Redfish on the Stray Cat 🐱🐾🐾

Flounder are still here come try your skills.

My best friend and fishing partner passed away. Such a short life for an amazing person…Catchem up and keep reeling them in.🐱🐾🐾

A picture was taken and I swam away safely.

We would like a treat please.

Another beautiful day on the Stray Cat. Catch and release is the only way to go.

It's twice as much fun on the Stray Cat.

Family fun on the Stray Cat.

Nice catch and release redish on the Stray Cat.

Nobody reels them in prettier than Alex.

If you want to catch more of these .We have to release the big ones.

The Stray Cat is going into hiding for the storm.Stay safe 🐱🐾🐾

I got lucky enough to go fishing with Karen at Wavedancer Charters on her 46 Bertram. Here she is fighting a nice amberjack safely released of course 🐱🐾🐾

This is how you look at the end of shark week on the Stray Cat. 🐱🐾🐾

Shark week ain't so scary on the Stray Cat release them and let them live a wonderful life. 🐱🐾🐾

The struggle is real fighting sharks on the Stray Cat

Hudson is one cool dude fishing on the Stray Cat. 🐱🐾🐾

A few nice trout caught on the Stray Cat

Take a nice picture and safely released on the Stray Cat.

Another nice Redfish safely released on the Stray Cat. 🐱🐾🐾

That is one dam old picture. Didnt even know they had fish back then. 🐱🐾🐾

More fun on the Stray Cat .

Sharing a moment with a nice Redfish before returning him to the sea.

Nice Redfish safely released to live on 🐱🐾🐾

The Stray Cat sure likes to fish. How about you. 🐱🐾🐾

Galveston south jetty lighthouse you can almost see the trout and reds swimming

Quick picture and back in the water.🐱🐾🐾

Stray Cat Charters Galveston


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